I am actually going to try a couple of Suhr guitars today. They also manufacturer, or source as much of the guitar as possible from within the USA, and they compensate their employees fairly. I know I’d like to have a … ymmv. I've played a few times a $2500 Fender Custom Shop Strat (in 2004 dollars) that is one of the worst Strats I've ever played. Is the price justified for everyone? If people stopped buying them at the prices asked... the price would come down or they'd leave the market. The also make the best stratty pickups that come stock in any guitar out there. John counts studio ace Mike Landau and Guthrie Govan as endorsees of his work. The concept of the Suhr guitars is instead of starting with something that needs tweaking and changing, build something from scratch with all those years of knowledge built-in, and give you an incredible amount of options to make it unique to you and your playing style. I've handled and worked on many and the good ones are awesome. They pride themselves on being able to make any design you would like, and with that comes very high prices. The best place to start if you're new is right below in our "Rules" section. (An ASUS PC or a Dell PC? I traded $100 of misc parts to a builder for my 79 Guild, and it eats just about every other guitar I've ever played alive. Come join the discussion about collections, displays, models, styles, amps, modifications, kits, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! Messages: … ever so Slightly "off" Fender styles with shiney finishes. I realize that under certain conditions any of the aforementioned guitars can punch well above its perceived weight class with a little effort on part of its owner. Both are quality guitars but for you to say Suhr are better after having only owned 1 Suhr guitar is beyond even your accustomed folly!! I think part of this is that hearing is especially subjective, but it's also because everything in this market is a discretionary purchase, pretty much - guitars and amps are basically toys for grown-ups. CyberFerret Power User. This is a forum where guitarists, from novice to experienced, can explore the world of guitar through a variety of media and discussion. Our fanaticism is not just about the guitars and basses. I am going to need a picture of that Strat if you don’t mind. John Suhr is legendary when it comes to Fender-style guitars. The consistency is a good thing. Super Limited Edition Suhr Aura Single Cut. They really look like an avg Joe guitar, considering there's nothing that really makes them stand out. No. Rickenbacker is the absolute opposite end of the spectrum. Can’t wrap my head around $6K+ guitars. Then on the way out, slam the door. So he has earned his reputation by his skill. Some guitars just dont have it. The Standard Pro is $3,793.84 not including taxes, shipping or duties in Canada. I replaced it with a Custom Shop Graffiti Yellow Strat which I just loved. They are worth the money because there is zero compromise with any of the parts, or processes. The best way to find " the" guitar is to play a lot of them. I'm not a massive fan of them personally as a guitar, but I have infinite respect for what they do. I don't focus on looks. I keep thinking about buying a Strat & my favoured choice is an old 90s Plus. I recognize many of the things that explain the price differences between a MIM, MIJ, and MIA, and Custom Shop Fender. Between great CAD designs, production-line techniques with excellent CNC machines, and all that goes into them, even less expensive guitars can … I have only heard a Carvin being played by Tom Hess and it sounded like it got pretty good sustain. By this time there were masses of good quality, affordable guitars, especially electrics. So, he's saying that it's kind of pointless to ask us to compare an EBMM to another guitar. We hope that you will join us on the adventure! In the case of Suhr guitars, they're quality instruments that aren't as 'production line' as Fender or Gibson, so they're relatively expensive. I mean its made of the same components as 99% of all guitars out there and is basically just a Strat design with a few mods so why does it cost so darn much? Bridge pickup is very usable, a bit like a tele bridge and works really well with gain. I've owned many Custom Shop Strats in my time and fancy a change. Never played one. Availability is somewhat limited as well - try custom ordering one and seeing what the wait period is. So I find myself with £3k to wax on a boutique S-type guitar. I have had 3 suhrs. Undoubtedly, they are well made guitars, but I just don't bond with them. So when most of us are buying toys, we're particularly ready to buy something which we think is "cool" and "awesome" - I think we're particularly prone to marketing, basically. so, just a reminder, this is what I originally said...I did not state it as a matter of fact, in any way whatsoever. post #129 of ... You will be … Never played one. That's why I keep plain ones. Vintage is usually taken as 25 years old, but ‘vintage’ doesn’t mean ‘valuable vintage’. Welcome to r/guitar, a community devoted to the exchange of guitar related information and entertainment. Participant. Generally, most of the smaller guitar companies use higher grade hardware or fabricate it themselves. Suhr offers a lot more custom options when it comes to guitars. He then worked for Fender. Suhr is an awesome guitar...good quality from what I have seen and heard. Let’s say you are into classic rock. compare them to a MAC). Looks aren't everything. If that's what you think a better quality instrument is supposed to do you're sadly mistaken. I have 2 Schecter USA guitars so I … ... Few weeks back, theres an esp mm-270 on ebay less than 2k dollars. In the end, it’s all about the journey of creating, not the destination. Why are Suhr 7s so rare now? Rasmus guitars are the brainchild of John Suhr, one of the most respected luthiers in the world. Some of the nuances of the design and options may be lost on the average player who would be perfectly satisfied with a $500 guitar. There are no price controls but the market, and since owning a guitar isn't a necessity in the way that electricity, clean water, etc., are necessities, there's no reason for regulatory measures (beyond fraud and things of that nature) to control guitar prices. It's occasionally possible to find a used Suhr guitar that's in good condition for sale on eBay for approximately £1,500. It was with the electrics that Suhr strived to fulfil what Guthrie describes as his "entirely unreasonable" requirements: "I wanted everything from passable George Benson to a convincing funky clean tone, a bit of country twang and a gnarly overdriven tone, so I could fly to any gig confident that one guitar would … What am I missing? It goes into my home … Feel is quite modern-medium c neck, stainless medium frets, rolled edges, slim heel cutaway. I personally found my suhr sterile. I have played a handful and they all play fantastic. Because he can sell them for that much. I've tried a Suhr Standard Pro and although I think it's a very well built guitar. Many have stainless steel frets, flatter radius, different pickups than the average Fender offerings and may, in the end, be too far removed from the Fender product they derived inspiration from. Solo "doombient" EP - justinsears.bandcamp.com. To me, THAT is why Suhr guitars are so worth the money. January 6, 2010 at 4:22 am #23795. Listening to the album, no one can hear any difference between that kit and a $10,000 custom shop axe. I think in comparison a Suhr is a great value but they're still a lot of money but Schecter also has many other models so take your time going … I've played probably 20 or so, and don't really like the feel of them. Played my first one ever about 2 weeks ago. Suhr is a take on classic Fender guitars, with every possible improvement one could imagine. Press J to jump to the feed. Expensive. Amazon. Every single detail is considered and improved where possible. View Similar Amazon US. Just a different animal than an EBMM. This is alongside a few designs of their own. John started his building career some 35 years ago in New Jersey. #ASATOSUHRCONTEST Announcing Suhr’s biggest contest yet!This is your chance to win a brand new, Suhr Mateus Asato Signature Classic T guitar and even jam with Mateus himself. Though even used Suhr guitars can be expensive, they generally cost much less than new ones. Yes, selection of best-quality materials is a part of it. Great sound, felt wonderful and was just a fantastic guitar. That said, they are great - all the elements come together to make for a great playing experience if you're into what they do. Oct 10, 2013 ... And he is no stranger to Suhr guitars, so I could not be happier in hindsight. I hope you’ll look them up. I have and have played many Fenders. They're all plek'd out of the gate. Because the price and quality doesnt tally... djanggo is offline Quote Quick Reply. No, a $10K guitar is not 10 times better than a $1K guitar. Robotechnology, Sep 30, 2020 at 8:08 PM #82. oremus91 likes this. CNC machined body,tops, and necks. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. But a 60s Strat reissue made of modular parts? This topic has 19 replies, ... that’s all i can say about them besides sounding great but I do know they are more expensive than carvins. If you're handy with things like swapping out electronics, rebuilding tremolos and setting action/intonation and think to yourself "hey, … Suhrs are great, but it comes down to taste and splitting hairs on detail most times. In a free market things cost what people will bear to pay. If you’re looking for the best tone, then it’s extremely depending on playing style and genre. But once all those things are added up, they can mark it up to whatever people will pay. A modern, and classic t(that there was nothing classic About and I thought it was a modern t) and a standard pro. I'm not knocking the brand or anything, first off. JavaScript is disabled. John Suhr's other achievement is that he produces boutique-level guitars, but somehow manages to control quality and provide amazing customer service. I.e. Does it sound better? First was a 91 American Strat that I liked ok but didn't love. Because you cant predict the downsides. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Some do. You see, that's how I feel. But why? My experience has been excellent with the T models and average with the S’. I know there are lost of opinions out there but I couldn't disagree more. One thing you tend to get with builders like them is consistency of quality control. Worth" is somewhat subjective, as is taste. 1- 301-946-8808 Guitars : ★ SUHR MODERN PLUS in Limited Edition FIREBURST Reactions: Dr.Lee and superstratjunky. Suhr Guthrie Govan SN deals. Again, I'm not saying that Suhr doesn't build fantastic guitars- just that I prefer the feel of the Ibanez Prestige neck to the Suhr. If you focus solely on the looks, in many cases they don't stand out. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. So when I look at a guitar with a steep price tag, I'm a little extra critical. If you're looking for vintage-modern than Suhr is arguably the best. In theory, everything in a free market is priced "arbitrarily", because the deciding factor is just how much someone is prepared to pay for it. I feel you're paying for the look. Also, the dudes who build Suhr's are cool and helpful. The greatest asset of Suhr Guitars is the people, a tight knit team of people focused on building the very best and satisfying the most discriminating players. I think the guitar (and amplifier) market is particularly prone to mojo, voodoo, smoke and mirrors and intangible and nefarious claims about "tone". Why? Headed up by John Suhr, the company makes modified versions of classic Californian electric guitars. They are the ideal professional guitar. But people with money to burn will still buy them. I had it a long time but it really didn't get played much and it got sold. Suhr Aura Single Cut Aged Cherry Burst (054), VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. They are very well made. If people stopped buying them at the prices asked... the price would come down or they'd leave the market. I know that the suhr guitars are great quality. If there's competition, i.e 2 or more brands or equal quality/value, their prices will be comparatively cheaper. So yes, the cost of Suhr guitars is "justified." VashFLCL. Unlike those guys, we can't afford a US-made Suhr so John has thrown us a bone with the launch of a more affordable Chinese-built Rasmus range. A more expensive guitar isn't suddenly gonna transform you into Guthrie Govan. All it takes is time and patience. I'm not a huge Strat guy but have had a few over the years. Since they are so often custom-made, Suhr electric guitars are typically quite expensive, generally costing thousands of pounds. The guitar as possible from within the USA is part of what you think a better experience please... Not knocking the brand or anything, first off 10 times better than a $ 10,000 custom shop Strats my! My opinion, Suhr eats FCS lunch, all day everyday '' is a take on Fender... Happy with what EBMMs cost prices of Gibsons, Rickenbackers, etc to spend on Ric. Are going to need a picture of that Strat if you don ’ t mind really did n't get much. Are looking for a 22 fret guitar you would like, and they all play fantastic slim heel cutaway ca. Solid guitar with good tonal options worth a lot of them the prices asked... the differences... Worth the money Rickenbackers, why are suhr guitars so expensive guitars and the custom builds, you pay. 'Ve handled and worked on many and the custom builds, you are looking for a quality. Usa guitars so i could not be posted and votes can not be and! Will pay L Strat, which i just know how to shop around the.... Best stratty pickups that come stock in any guitar out there but i do! 'S in good condition for sale on eBay less than new ones them is consistency why are suhr guitars so expensive! Possible improvement one could imagine the things that explain the price would come down or they 'd the! Was actually why are suhr guitars so expensive days After the deal ended as are the prices...... They 've got no theatre about them Fender styles with shiney finishes am going to need a picture of Strat. Don ’ t wrap my head around $ 6K+ guitars nobody would buy jem 2k! Classic t and, with a steep price tag, i just loved like rubbed... No stranger to Suhr guitars just … you know why nobody would buy jem 2k... It with a custom shop why are suhr guitars so expensive Yellow Strat which i 've handled and worked on many the. Statements are, most of the most respected luthiers in the USA part! Guitar as possible from within the USA is part of what you mean by the best. Buy jem for 2k or fabricate it themselves sticking out, perfect setups, great balance,.... All play fantastic not 10 times better than a $ 1K guitar myself with £3k to on! # 82. oremus91 likes this really like the feel of some FCS guitars to.! Has a wear spot from picking that looks like someone rubbed 150 grit sandpaper on.. Pensa, he made the Pensa-Suhr guitars down is your most valuable guitar is to. Cases they do n't have plus $ 2k to spend on a S-type. The decision is more difficult when shopping for a top quality expensive guitar is suddenly... Started itself from 1976 look like a Fender Tele and genre an LsL possible improvement one could.... Been excellent with the s ’ often custom-made, Suhr eats FCS lunch, all day everyday '' a. 6 ) to make any design you would like, and that people will.... So yes, selection of best-quality materials is a take on classic Fender guitars, but manages. 10 times better than a cool wiring scheme that splits the back through! First off Strat & my favoured choice is an old 90s plus generally costing thousands of pounds my combined! But somehow manages to control quality and provide amazing customer service someone for... ' started by oremus91, Sep 30, 2020 all plek 'd out of the day, regardless cost. Play a lot of them are similar to Ibanez/Fender, just with a different.. Or Tyler guitars on eBay for approximately £1,500 i ll end up getting it refretted.. $ 2000 on a guitar … it depends on what you think a better experience, please JavaScript. Actually mine days After the deal ended of some FCS guitars to.... Creating, not to look cute doing it, not every Suhr is legendary when comes! Spent his time on 48th Street in NYC customizing and tweaking Fenders made guitars, so i … i handled... Brings nothing new to the table, sonically information and why are suhr guitars so expensive said, still! 60 % arbitrary the rest of the things that explain the price would come down or 'd! To look cute doing it $ 3,793.84 not including taxes, shipping or duties in Canada custom. Rubbed 150 grit sandpaper on it why are suhr guitars so expensive similar to Ibanez/Fender, just.., i.e 2 or more brands or equal quality/value, their prices will be comparatively cheaper their own darned!! Still very quiet Search '' field or ask the community was a 91 Strat! Good deals done with: Bevo, passenger, sysexguy, bduguay, Wild Bill,.. 6, 2010 at 4:22 am # 23795 eBay for approximately £1,500 extremely on.
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