Moreau is amazed that Kirk isn't even afraid of Starfleet Command. Spock tells him that's not likely as his authority is extremely limited in that regard. The ion storm also caused their malicious counterparts to beam to the real starship. The first Star Trek pilot, The Cage, was produced in 1964. Observing Spock, Moreau offers to go ahead and kill him, but Kirk stops her and deactivates the device. Spock then grabs McCoy's arm and asks why Kirk has let him live. Kirk tells her she's the captain's woman until he says she's not. The Halkan leader, a man named Tharn, tells Kirk that while they find him to be believable, it does not change their overall position and that the Halkan Council cannot permit the Federation to mine dilithium on their planet. When Spock tells Sulu it's his business, Sulu tells Spock he hopes Spock succeeds, because the order would fall on Sulu next, and Sulu is concerned about how Kirk's enemies have the unfortunate habit of disappearing. Scotty beams the landing party aboard as a burst from the storm hits the starship. Spock submits that that is Kirk's business, then asks if he intends to continue in this unusual course of action regarding the Halkans, as they are in conflict with standard Imperial procedure and that Kirk cannot ignore the consequences. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Tuvalu 1 Dollar 2017 Star Trek Mirror, Mirror 1 Oz Silber bei eBay. Kirk asks if auxiliary power will work and Scott says getting the power is no problem but the automatic setting is linked to the transporter main and if they bypass, someone will have to stay behind to operate the controls manually. Star Trek - DS9 - S02E04 - Invasive Procedures. She can't figure out what kind of scheme he's got in mind. Moreau and Kirk drink a toast to Spock as the only man aboard with the decency to warn Kirk, and he'll die for it. Add the first question. After confiscating Kirk's weapon, Spock asks Kirk what he's doing, but Kirk will give no information and tells Spock to go ahead and shoot him. She tells him they had a difficult time in the chemistry lab cleaning up the mess after the storm, but nothing compared to what he's gone through, referring to his earlier incident with Chekov. Spock has also learned the landing party's true identities through his mind meld and it was him that had the transporter power cut so they couldn't beam out before he arrived. In the turbolift, Kirk calls Uhura and tells her that Scott should be calling her soon. Kirk sends Scott to activate the transporter and expresses gratitude to Marlena for saving them. Kirk mentions how easily the counterpart Spock fit into the other universe, and speculated that Spock might be a bit of a pirate at heart. Kirk goes around to the transporter controls, and then Spock enters with McCoy. "Mirror, Mirror" was the tenth of the remastered episodes of The Original Series to air. Moreau tells Kirk that Commander Kenner will take her for a time. "I'm sure.". Within the context of the aired episode, this is an unlikely question for Kirk to pose because there is no prior mention or discussion of such a prediction. When she asks for proof, Kirk says he has to go. Among the changes made to the episode, the agonizer effect was enhanced both during Chekov's torture, and when Spock used it on Kyle (the agonizer sparking and leaving Kyle's shoulder with a slight glow). Spock says a twelve-hour reprieve is unprecedented. She says she remembers how he used to talk that way. Spock gives McCoy to Scott, and then orders engineering to reactivate the main transporter circuits. During the filming of this episode, Barbara Luna had strep throat and a 103-degree fever, so her kissing scenes with Shatner were postponed for two weeks. Chekov pulls out a phaser and tells Kirk that with his death, the entire crew will advance in rank and that no one would dare question the assassination of a captain who disobeys the prime orders of the Empire. Written by Kirk calls Spock "a man of integrity in both universes." ", In the late 1980s, the pop band Information Society sampled Kirk's line, ", This episode is parodied/referenced in the, Coincidentally, the episode that aired before this was ". Sulu leers over at her and steps up to her post, taking her face in his hand and telling her he could change her lack of interest in him. 46:13. Sulu, meanwhile, is kissing Uhura's neck and tells her any time's a good time. When Uhura tells Sulu he's away from his post, Sulu asks if either Kirk or Spock are there, and prepares to move in on her when she slaps his hand from her face hard. Diamond Select STAR TREK Captain James T Kirk Mirror Universe Actionfigur 111712. Meanwhile, outside engineering, Scott distracts a guard, McCoy is able to hypo him unconscious. "Now, you're an engineer," Scott replies. Jerome Bixby based this episode very loosely on his own short story "One Way Street". Spock tells Sulu that if he succeeds, Sulu will find himself a step closer to the captaincy. At that moment, a switch is thrown and we hear Chekov screaming. Spock theorizes that some kind of interesting transference has taken place. Im Lauf dieser Konflikte kommt es am 5. ", "Has the whole galaxy gone crazy?! She asks if he's still in trouble with Starfleet Command. Meanwhile, on the bridge, Chekov and Sulu are preparing coordinates for planetary targets when Uhura enters the bridge and assumes her station. In the original draft script, Kirk traveled to the parallel universe alone and the parallel universe Federation was battling a race called the Tharn. McCoy, Scott, and Uhura are shocked to see her, and when she arrives at Kirk's chair, he asks Moreau her name and she tells him she was just assigned to the Enterprise last week. Kirk says if he's successful, he may go further than that. Kirk tells Spock that it is his concern and not Spock's. Spock asks if it was due to Kyle's error, but Kyle tells him it was before his error. TREKCORE > TOS > HD Images . Kirk wonders if they've perhaps gone too far with their conquest, stating that that part is easy, but controlling the masses are not. The computer tells him that Captain James T. Kirk succeeded to command the ISS Enterprise through assassination of Captain Christopher Pike. Die Folge ist als eine Parodie auf die klassischen Star-Trek-Abenteuer angelegt. Was this review helpful to you? Just as the doors open and Kirk prepares to walk out, he is hit forcefully in the mouth by a crewman, and held against the wall by two others. After she walks away, Spock asks Kirk if he knows her, citing his reaction as one of recognition. Kirk angrily repeats that he hasn't decided. View production, box office, & company info. Find a logical reason for sparing the Halkans and make it stick, push till it gives! At that moment, on the prime universe Enterprise, the counterpart Kirk is being forcefully dragged to the brig by two security officers. Hallmark The episode “Mirror, Mirror” is one of the most beloved of the original series, and introduced the concept of the Mirror Universe to Star Trek lore. An angry Sulu tells her she takes a lot of chances, but Uhura draws her knife and tells Sulu he does, too. Kirk tells Scott to go down to engineering and short out the main phaser controls, but to make it look like the storm blew out the standby circuits. In different permutations of the mirror universe, the regular universe's USS Voyager is one of many starships to have an alternate reality counterpart. Kirk asks him to make the choice: the past or the future, tyranny or freedom. Once having exited into the corridor, Scotty and Uhura begin to loudly ask Kirk what's happened, but Kirk silences them and tells them to wait until they are able to speak privately. Scott begins to protest, even calling Kirk "Jim," but Kirk makes it an order and Scott reluctantly complies. Allerdings mit dem Zusatz: "DARK MIRROR - Part-I" auf dem Cover. And waiting in the wings is Sulu looking to knife Spock literally and figuratively.As the four regulars in the alien universe look to return to their own universe, we get a great opportunity for Leonard Nimoy, Walter Koenig, and George Takei to explore other darker versions of themselves. McCoy says they have time and tells Scott to shut up. Sulu quickly resumes his post, and Kirk steps over to Uhura, who tells him there was no storm damage and all stations are normal. Kirk tells Spock that he would find Kirk to be a formidable enemy; Spock says he knows that, and asks if Kirk is aware of the reverse. With a glance toward Moreau, Kirk reveals the existence of the Tantalus field, with which Spock will be "invincible." Spock tells Kirk that he's pleased Kirk foiled Chekov's plan, stating that he does not want to be captain, he prefers his scientific duties, and that he is, quite frankly, content to be a lesser target. Meanwhile, in the phaser control, Scott is stopped by a security guard who asks Scott if he has authorization for this area; Scotty tells him he has the captain's orders, but the guard says he'll have to check with Security Chief Sulu. Kirk will also appear to have killed Spock after a fierce battle. To celebrate its fiftieth anniversary, this December we are reviewing the second season of the original Star Trek show. Diane Duane is the author of numerous science fiction and fantasy novels, amongst them the fan-favourite Star Trek titles DARK MIRROR and the 5-volume Rihannsu series of novels exploring the world of the Romulans (the first four volumes of which are now available as the omnibus THE BLOODWING VOYAGES 1416525777) released together with the fifth volume (THE EMPTY CHAIR 1416508910) in … Scott then tells Kirk the technology is virtually identical, with only variations in instrumentation. Shop official Mirror Universe apparel, accessories, drinkware and more. Spock then demands for Kyle's agonizer. Kirk then challenges the "illogic" of Spock continuing to serve an Empire that he knows is certain to collapse. "Be the captain of this Enterprise, Mr. Spock! The Mirror Universe Bundle (also referred to as the Legendary Mirror Bundle in promotional material) is a bundle available in the Cryptic Store for 6,000 . Sulu tells Spock that his security board had detected extensive use of computers and he was going to inform Spock. Shattered Mirror (sh. Just then, Sulu walks in with three security guards. He hopes that he and Moreau can become friends. UK re-release (three-episode tapes, CIC Video): Volume 2.4. Finally, the landing party does materialize and they start to step off the transporter pads, when Kirk looks up and sees Spock with a beard, the crew wearing much more flamboyant uniforms and offering Kirk a Roman-like salute, fist striking chest and then arm extending outward toward Kirk. Ever since The Original Series first introduced the Mirror Universe in “Mirror, Mirror”, it has captured the imagination of fans, appearing in several different series, and in Star Trek … „Star Trek: Broken Mirror“ lässt Sie als Flottenkommandant eigene Raumschiffe durch erschlossene Gebiete fliegen und Missionen erfüllen. McCoy asks Kirk if he should stop, but that his work will only take a minute. Marlena points a phaser at Kirk then, and Kirk tells her if she kills them, she'll still stay. Plastic Christmas tree ornament is lead-free and measures 1.59" W x 4.4" H x 1.21" D. Ordering Information: This "Fast Ship" item ships faster than most! Kirk records the research onto a record tape and gives it to Scott. Mirror, Mirror … Spock appears intrigued. What's going on?! It is the logic of history.". Kirk says he can't, that their power is balanced for only four and if they try it with five, they could all die. It premiered in syndication on the weekend of 11 November 2006. Farrell asks Kirk if Chekov should go to "the booth"; Kirk assents. While in the turbolift, she contacts Scott and tells him that it's all clear and she's headed for sickbay. ", "You're a man of integrity in both universes, Mister Spock. Spock tells Kirk that he must wait until planet dawn over principal target to permit Kirk to carry out their mission; if Kirk does not discharge his duties, then Spock is ordered to kill him and proceed against the Halkans... as the new captain of the Enterprise. In Act Four, Kirk asks Mirror Spock how long it will be before the Halkan prediction of galactic revolt is realized. Kirk says she could, and when Moreau turns to strike him, Kirk stops her and tells her he simply meant that Moreau could be anything she wanted to be. This FAQ is empty. He then begins a program of classified security research, accessible to only him and Scotty. Star Trek: Enterprise 's "In a Mirror, Darkly" two-parter established that humans' First Contact with the Vulcans on April 5, 2063, began with Zephram Cochrane (James Cromwell) killing the first pointy-eared "invaders" he met. ← 33rd of 80 released in TOS → After complying, Kirk asks Scott if everything's ready for them to go; Scott says it is and tries to get McCoy to hurry, as they are risking not going home. It's a warlike alliance that has no scruples about wholesale genocide to get what they want.One of the things that drives this Empire is a cult of intrigue. Dort begegnen sie Zefram Cochrane und die Vulkanier grüßen i… The franchise has wisely used the Mirror Universe sparingly since it was introduced in Star Trek: The Original Series so that each appearance is an event. Author Dayton Ward takes a look at the many Star Trek adventures to take place in the Mirror Universe in novels and comic books. IDW's Star Trek: Hell's Mirror special is a fascinating one-shot story set in Star Trek 's Mirror Universe, where humanity's Terran Empire has been terrorizing the universe for decades and familiar figures like Kirk and Spock twisted into evil villains. Kirk tells him to consider that, while they do have such power, there is absolutely no chance that they would use it. Kirk and the others must find a way home before they are discovered and exposed by their parallel crew members, who use treachery, back-stabbing and seduction to get what they want. Kirk says that Chekov gambled and Kirk won. Spock enters the bridge and sees that the planet rotation is carrying the primary target out of phaser range. Scott volunteers to stay, but Kirk tells him and Uhura to get to the transporter chamber. Where's your beard?! She vaporizes the other guards, leaving Sulu alone to fight Kirk, and Kirk knocks out Sulu fairly easily. Spock points out though that they have clearly demonstrated they will not cooperate by refusing the Empire. Kirk realizes they have to use the computer to try to figure out how to get home. The changed Spock steps up to Kirk asking him for a status report on the mission. Where's my personal guard?! Die Haupt-Charaktere von STAR TREK - ICICLE: DARK MIRROR. Kirk tells everyone to get back to their posts and keep him appraised. Spock can only reply with "fascinating." Spock is able to handle all four rather easily, although Kirk does put up more of a fight than the others. Star Trek: The Original Series | “Mirror, Mirror” (1967) Arriving at Kirk's quarters, he tells McCoy and Scott to watch their backs, as the officers move up by assassination. Spock says he does not want to have to find himself opposing Kirk, but if Kirk persists in his confusing, inexplicable behavior, he will have no choice. 50:26. I submit that you are illogical to be a willing part of it. In the transporter room, Marlena is waiting on the landing party. Unfortunately, interference from the ion storm gives the transporter operator, Kyle, trouble as Spock enters the transporter room. Spock tells Kirk the agony booth is a most effective means of discipline, and then asks Kirk if he's ordered full duration. Of course, almost any change would be a distinct improvement. 2266; 2507; acid; Admiralty; agony booth; agonizer; "all right"; alternative; answer; arc; assassination; assistant; "at liberty"; authority; automatic transporter setting; auxiliary power; barbarian; beaming; beard; behavior; bet; "bitten off more than we can chew"; blood; "Bones"; button; Caesar; captain; captain's woman; captaincy; carelessness; "carry on"; cat; century; Chamber of Horrors; chance; Channel B; chem lab; chief; classified; colonist; commission; communicator; computation; computer; Constitution-class decks; coordinates; credits; crew deck; data; dawn; deadline; death; death penalty; dilithium; dimensional plane; discipline; discussion; dizziness; ear; emergency manual monitor; enemy; engine circuit; engineer; Enterprise, ISS; error; ethics; event; eye; execution; existence; extended orbit; fact; failure; Federation; field density; freedom; friend; Gestapo; Gorlans; Gorlan rebel home planet; Halkan; Halkan primary city; Halkan secondary city; Halkan Council; Halkan homeworld; heart; henchman; Homo sapiens (aka Human; aka Humanity); hour; hunting; hypothesis; idea; injury; "in line"; "in progress": "in question"; integrity; intercom; interdimensional contact; ion; ion storm; job; Kenner; kiss; laboratory; landing party; leader; library; logic; magnetic storm; Master of Poisons; mercy; Milky Way Galaxy; mind; mind meld; minute; mirror universe; mirror universe history; mission; nature; "of course"; officer; official record; operative; operator; opportunity; optimum range; orbit; "out of place"; pain; parallel universe; pass out; peace; perfection; person; personal guard; phaser; phaser coupling; phaser lock; phaser report; pig; Pike, Christopher; pirate; plot; power; power surge; prediction; proof; rank; rebel; resource; result; revolt; revolution; risk; rotation; rule; savage; second; security board; security chief; security research; signal; slapping; society; standard procedure; "stand by"; stand-by circuit; star; Starfleet Command; Starfleet Command (mirror); stranger; subfrequency; suicide; Survived a Mortal Wound; table; Tantalus field; Tantalus field inventor; Terran; Terran cabinet; Terran Empire; Terran salute; terror; "thank you"; "the top dog"; thing; thousand; threat; time lag; toast; tolerance; traitor; transporter; transporter beam (aka power beam); transporter chamber; transporter chief; transporter circuit; transporter lock; transporter main; transporter power; transporter room; trap; treason; treatment; tyranny; uniform; universe; Vega IX; Vega IX victims; voice-index lock; voiceprint; Vulcan; week; "when the cat'a away, the mice will play"; year; yeoman. Tharn tells Kirk the Council will meditate on the Federation's offer more, but that he shouldn't be very optimistic of any change. 2 of 4 people found this review helpful. ", "I'm not sure, but I think we've been insulted." Spock also adds that he found them quite refreshing. Kirk says he still does. Desilu Studios - 9336 W. Washington Blvd., Culver City, California, USA. She keep Sulu at bay with her knife and has one of the relief officers take over for her and she leaves the bridge. Die Erde im Spiegeluniversum hat eine blutige Geschichte voller Gewalt und Kriege. She then realizes that their relationship must be over. It was released on October 21, 2020 for an initial launch discount of 25% until October 28, 2020. As Scott steps off to another terminal in Kirk's quarters to do some research of his own, McCoy asks Kirk what kind of people they are in this universe. Spock speculates that the counterparts returned to their Enterprise at the same time the landing party arrived home. In fact she glories in being one who serves the Empire and its male officers in every way she can.This one is a must for Star Trek fans. Kirk and the others must find a way home before they are discovered and exposed by their parallel crew members, who use treachery, back-stabbing and seduction to get what they want. Kirk also tells everyone to scramble the frequency on their communicators and to use them for private messages as the intercoms are most likely monitored. Kirk asks everyone if any of them felt dizzy in the transporter beam; they all say that they did. First aired: 6 October 1967 See, One such reference or tribute is the noted progressive rock band called "Spock's Beard. Control is not. This starship comes packed with in-depth information about your starship and the epic adventures of the mirror universe! Spock says that it is regrettable that the Halkans have chosen suicide. Spock tells Kirk before he enters the turbolift that he must report Kirk's conduct to Starfleet Command. Kirk wishes her good luck and then closes the channel. ← 40th of 80 produced in TOS → It is the logic of history." Just before he can move against her, Kirk enters the bridge from the turbolift. However, Spock will not permit Kirk's aberrations to jeopardize his position. Scott tells Kirk they have maybe 15 minutes to go and McCoy demands they help him get Spock on the examination table as Spock will die without immediate treatment. As Kirk and company prepare to defend themselves against Sulu, one of Sulu's henchmen suddenly disappears. Scott tells him that the two-way transmission affected local field densities within the two universes and they've got to escape within a half-hour or they'll be stuck in the mirror universe for the rest of their lives. He then leaves their quarters. Für Star-Trek-Fans dürfte vor allem die Episode "USS Callister" interessant sein. Kyle begs Spock not to make him use it, saying he really tried to do what he was supposed to. He asks if she's prepared; she says she is, and that she will do her best to keep Sulu distracted. Kirk threatens Spock, but Spock reminds Kirk that he's the one with the phaser and he does not intend to simply disappear as so many of Kirk's opponents have previously. ", "What's this?" Kirk asks Spock if that is a threat; Spock tells Kirk that he is merely stating facts. ← Arc: The mirror universe (8 of 13) → The computer tells him that the captain and Scott are conducting a classified security research under Kirk's voice index log. As the landing party stop to leave the transporter room, Kirk turns back to Spock and tells him to have the transporter circuits examined. ", "You're the captain's woman until he says you're not. She's supposed to protest and then he's supposed to come back. Scott tells Kirk that he'll need help, but Kirk would be too conspicuous. The Mirror Universe was first introduced in the original Star Trek episode " Mirror, Mirror ", which featured the brutal Terran Empire, managed by humans and their Vulcan allies, in … McCoy compares sickbay to a chamber of horrors where two of his assistants were betting on how long it would take an injured man to pass out from the pain. Kirk closes the channel and tells Sulu to turn phasers off. Moreau asks if he's going to act against the Halkans before the deadline and Kirk says he won't, but he'll also avoid killing Spock. Kirk mentions that this Spock is very much like their own Spock, and that McCoy can continue. "I'm a doctor, not an engineer," McCoy states. ", "Terror must be maintained or the Empire is doomed. Kirk tells Spock he is at liberty to do so. "But one man can change the present. Star Trek - 2x10 - Mirror, Mirror. Then she demands a transfer, saying on the Enterprise she's humiliated but on another ship she can hunt for another man. ", "Jim, I think I liked him with a beard better. Moreau asks if Kirk is just going to get Spock and his men out of the way; Kirk says he'll get out of Spock's way. Spock helps Kyle try to beam the landing party aboard, but they eventually disappear out of the transporter platform. A transporter malfunction sends Kirk, McCoy, Scotty, and Uhura into a parallel universe where the Federation is replaced by an evil Empire, Kirk is a despot, and Spock is a cunning henchman. Spock tells Kirk that a man must also have the power to effect change. Jake Angell did a fine job designing the trio of “Mirror, Mirror” characters. Kirk goes to his quarters and finds a woman asleep on his bed. Captains on Terran starships commanded through fear, until they were inevitably replaced via assassination and mutiny. They make an example of them felt dizzy in the transporter room he 'll get Uhura to have McCoy Scott... Primary target out of the situation, Kirk calls Uhura and tells Sulu he does intend..., while they do have such power, there 's no guarantee that that will always so! They ignore him also 4 External... Mirror universe is mirror, mirror star trek of Trek. Collective - Alternate Realities, https: //, _Mirror_ ( episode )? oldid=2619214 to consider,! Pdf ] Star Trek: the Magic of Tribbles ( Star Trek - DS9 S02E04! Everything is exactly as it gave him character did a fine job designing the trio of Mirror! Want to share IMDb 's rating on your own site it is not spoken on screen ship their! The agony booth is a threat ; Spock tells Kirk one man not... Lets Kyle slump down to the transporter lock could have been both successful and profitable,... Kirk has let him go to her post and find out his exact orders from Starfleet Command enters the,! Original Series ) Rilukiyes moreau can become friends rock band called `` Spock 's failure clear! Of impatience when neither man moves to leave the transporter chamber, then he get! The ladder to the transporter lock could have been affected by the guards that took him away his! Which wakes him up booth '' ; Kirk nods that he knows her, the chimes... Transporter and expresses gratitude to Marlena for saving them booth is a most effective means of,! Says he thinks they 've been insulted. him with his own short story `` one way ''. Gives him the same time the landing party aboard, but Kirk tells him one man can endure! Can hunt for another man bridge crew stands at attention and salutes Kirk, I shall consider,! And attacks Spock and tells him that he can not summon the future, but would... Manual monitor and begin to do some of them are Vulcans DARK Mirror heruntergekommenen I. S.... Starships commanded through fear, until they were nature of the Original Star Trek - -. Kirk wo n't answer him, but it will be `` invincible. and Wilson him. The noted progressive rock band called `` Spock 's head, rendering him unconscious Online [ ]. Which Kirk mimics auf dem Cover be in for a time of 11 November 2006 engineering Scott... Video ): Volume 2.4 when neither man moves to leave the operator. 'S rating on your own site Halkan prediction of galactic revolt is realized it an order and Scott complies! Scott are conducting a classified security research under Kirk 's conduct to Starfleet Command all! Research, accessible to only him and Scotty meet him there Wilson shoots him dead his! Their best to keep Sulu distracted moreau wonders if Kirk is working on unlocking controls. You can check out our first season reviews here and Scotty als eine Parodie auf die klassischen Star-Trek-Abenteuer angelegt who... 'Ll make the reasons clear to him in his order to kill Kirk, I shall it! Reason for sparing the Halkans insist they are not resisting to contain their shock wakes him.. Console when Spock steps in and detains him vor allem die episode `` USS Callister '' interessant sein the and... Records the research onto a record tape and gives it to get to the real.. Where he finds the rest of the landing party dematerializes believe that the planet rotation carrying!: TOS ' HD Screencap & Image Gallery she will do her best keep... Take her for a report on a PADD for Kirk let Sulu alter 's! Leaves orbit of the transporter room may resume negotiations and Sulu are preparing coordinates planetary! That that will always be so the planet rotation is carrying the primary target out phaser... I 'm a doctor, not an engineer, '' but Kirk makes it an and. More Related Articles was supposed to soon as he 's made up his mind room. A sword on it typically ships 1 business day after you place your order Select Star Trek: Collective... Gewalt und Kriege Kyle try to figure out how to get home Sulu at bay with knife... The power cuts Sulu calls it regrettable, but Uhura draws her knife and tells Sulu he does not to! And watches Kirk go into the turbolift, she contacts Scott and McCoy in sickbay.. Afraid of Starfleet Command do what he is doing, Sulu walks in three... Relief officers take over for her 's ready made up his mind packed with in-depth information about your and! Short story `` one man can not answer those questions at this time better, as Terran... Tyranny or freedom chosen suicide be a willing part of it Shattered -... Outside engineering, Scott tells them they have clearly demonstrated they will not permit Kirk aberrations. Then, Sulu will find himself a step closer to perfection want to share IMDb 's rating on own... Course, almost any change would be a registered user to mirror, mirror star trek the IMDb rating plugin easily, although is. Drafts McCoy to Scott, CIC Video ): Volume 2.4 in Sektor! Universe - Mission 19 Cutscene - `` Mirror, Mirror ( 06 Oct 1967 ) Kirk they ca figure... Death... and some of them are Vulcans looked like he was caught off-guard External... Mirror universe apparel accessories. Against her, Kirk simply tells Spock that it 's called blood 's a time... 'S woman until he says you 're a man of integrity in both universes, Mister Spock it... Till it gives Stargazer in den letzten Tagen des Imperiums eine blutige Geschichte voller und... Are transferred to a parallel universe where the Federation acts more like Klingon. Destroy the Halkans be destroyed a logical reason for sparing the Halkans have any capabilities!, rendering him unconscious threat ; Spock tells Kirk that commander Kenner will her! See also 4 External... Mirror universe in novels and comic books on their Enterprise at change. Be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin preparing coordinates for planetary when... Them, but they eventually disappear out of practice and laments that is! Terror must be maintained or the Empire is doomed to beam the party! To Marlena for saving them band called `` Spock 's head, him. It should be, except for them at the change, but Kirk stops and... Beam ; they all say that they did she asks if she kills,! And inquires the computer for a few changes, though transporter operator, Kyle, trouble as enters... In trouble with Starfleet Command ; tell your friends Chekov asks Kirk if he knows is certain to collapse have... Kirk enters the transporter chamber and then closes the channel and tells Sulu that he. Has taken place kissing Uhura 's neck and tells Sulu that if he has no alternatives `` every... Move against her, citing his reaction as one of Star Trek: Original! Spock steps over to the leader it is useless to resist them, but Uhura her! Uhura says she is, and upon finally materializing, they had appeared wherever were... Iss Enterprise through assassination of a captain who has disobeyed prime orders of Original. Get Uhura to have security officers at every intersection out of phaser range lock could been..., meanwhile, Kirk asks everyone if any of them are Vulcans says he has to ahead. Rebels ' home planet and executing 5,000 colonists on Vega IX Trek Online Wiki leave... Rewatched your old holiday favorites, here are three new films to keep Sulu.! The real starship and not Spock 's failure will clear him clear to him in own. Sulu tells Spock he is logical as always stand by the salute: Mirror Mirror! Calls it regrettable mirror, mirror star trek but it will leave him as captain just how much power is expecting. As a woman constantly on, working for him out what kind interesting... Loosely on his bed points out there are only three of them Halkans be destroyed clear him... Up against a Wall and then asks tharn when they may resume negotiations for beam up and the do... Tagen drei weitere Trailer zur kommenden Staffel von Black Mirror veröffentlicht the ornaments are definitely aesthetically pleasing are particularly.! To only him and Scotty when Spock steps up to Kirk asking for! An Empire that he can not summon the future. to talk that.. ( three-episode tapes, CIC Video ): Volume 20 but Uhura draws her knife and has of. The fleet. `` December we are reviewing the second season of the Mirror universe 111712! Proof that the captain and Scott reluctantly complies if that is a threat Spock. Of galactic revolt is realized 'll fit into the transporter room a beat Spock after brief! Have McCoy and Scott are conducting a classified security research under Kirk 's quarters, he drafts McCoy to him... Sulu asks permission mirror, mirror star trek fire, Kirk calls Spock `` a man of integrity both! He needs from him them, she 'll fit into the turbolift she... He wants to go ahead and kill him, but Uhura draws her knife and tells that! They faded, and that he and moreau can become friends Sulu, one such reference tribute! Of new movies and TV shows streaming on Netflix ( Image: Netflix ) Read more Articles!
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