It also helps you feel like there is so much more to explore in your feeds. Features. In this guide we share what we’ve learned to make designing an activity feed or notification feed easier for you. We are going to share some of the best practices when it comes to activity feed design and feed UX. +1. This is where friction can occur between a designer and the rest of a product team. All three place it in the same spot (right column). You should see the COSMOS DB being populated with Records. Instagram followed suit by allowing you to send a post to an individual or a group of people. Facebook offers the most well-known example of the activity feed Show recent activity that's relevant to the user within the app. Prioritization is indicated by placement within the feed, and sometimes by visual weight. Well, let’s say Rob and Jane are going to buy a new house. Let's build an Android app with an activity feed showing the temperature of your home. List available content and the corresponding content URLs. You want to highlight a selection of your content to the given user. In this section, we’ll cover how to quickly build user engagement into your feed! Your design should support your goals. Here at Stream we're helping thousands of companies build and scale their feed technology (and now chat too). However, i’m not sure this is 100% in line with their design philosophy. To start defining some best practices, let us look at how the activity stream spec defines an activity: You’ll notice that our example of “Josh (actor) added(verb) New Zealand (object) to his list of places to visit (target)” follows the spec. The web has been transitioning from “static sites” (where a content is pushed from the owner to reader) and into digital experiences that foster community interaction and contribution. Regardless of the scale of your feed, you can improve the long term user experience of your feed by making it easy for your users to find new and old friends or colleagues. Available for Photoshop too. If you want to form even stronger social habits, make sure you looke at our chat api. Browse code Download ZIP. This project welcomes contributions and suggestions. This is not a common task it is mainly done when you need to make a change to the O365 Webhooks. Here are a few sample queries to get you started. If your app is going to use a pinterest style feed, this Sketch kit is perfect for you. Flat feeds contain a simple list of activities. Trulia’s activity feed is very basic, but creates a big win for user engagement and conversion. Does your app handle @mention’s differently if it you start your sentence with an “@” vs @mentioning within your sentence? Consider asking students to bring an assortment of animal feed, such as samples they may have at home (cat, dog, horse, bird, or rabbit food). var Events = React.createClass({ render: function() { var ReactCSSTransitionGroup = React.addons.CSSTransitionGroup; var eventsLength =; var eventsMapped = (evt, index) { const key = eventsLength - index; return }); return